Public group forest bathing walks take place regularly in the Lancashire & Yorkshire areas.

Private group forest bathing walks 


Forest Bathing is also known as shinrin-yoku and is the process of walking slowly through the forest (or other setting in nature) and being receptive through our senses to the surroundings.

Developed in Japan during the 1980s, it is now increasingly practised across the world as a preventative medicine and also to combat stress, anxiety and low mood


What's Involved?

The typical forest bath that Liz leads lasts about 2.5 hours, and involves no swimming but some gentle walking (covering no more than a mile).


During the walk, Liz offers a series of invitations (which are entirely optional) and which assist participants to connect to the woodland through sight, smell, touch, taste and sound. We finish off with a tea "ceremony" (foraged or herbal tea and snacks). 


Who's It For?

Anyone over the age of 13 may attend and it's especially suitable for those who may not choose normally to go for a walk in the woods or exert themselves. 

It’s not necessary to be particularly fit. The walk is gentle and has been described by one former participant as "magical"! 


What Shall I Wear?
The walk is not physically exerting so warm, layered clothing, walking shoes or boots, 2 or 3 pairs of socks (or thermal ones?..participants often report very cold feet!) long trousers and full waterproofs (if it's looking like rain) are essential and a pre-requisite to joining the walk.


Where Do We Meet?
Meet at at 10am for a 10.15am start in Stocks Reservoir Car Park.
Parking is £3. Please ensure you have the correct change as the machine does not give change.

The walk will end at 12.45pm - 1pm.


If torrential rain is forecast, the event will not go ahead and a full refund will be made or you may transfer the payment to another walk. If the walk is to be cancelled, Liz will notify participants 24 hours before the start of the walk (due to the rather unpredictable forecast!)
The walk will go ahead if there is light/medium rainfall.

NB: Walking in the rain is great because … 1) the air during and after rainfall is scientifically proven to be cleaner and fresher so breaths of rainy air are better for us (2) the smell of rain has a calming effect (3) rain is good for hair and skin and …(4) it can feel a little bit rebellious too!


If you need to cancel, please notify at least 48 hours before the start of the walk to receive a full refund (or if you prefer, to transfer your payment to another walk).


Public Groups: £20 per person 

Private Groups

  • 1-3 people £90 total (same price for 1, 2 or 3 people)

  • 4-6 people £28 pp (£112 to £168)

  • 7-8 people: £25pp (£175 to £200)

  • 9-11 people: £23 pp (£207 to £253)

  • 12 to 15 people: £21 pp (£252 to £315)


For more information

Call Liz on +44 7424 528588